UGIGRIP® 4311 introduction

In addition to their excellent corrosion resistance which ensures a long service life for structures over several decades, the UGIGRIP® range provides a guarantee of:

Higher mechanical properties than with conventional steel, which allows the use of smaller cross sections or a reduction in reinforcement (meaning weight and labour savings);

Mechanical properties – yield strength and elongation – meeting the requirements of Eurocode 8, class M for earthquake-resistant construction;

A selection of non-magnetic stainless steels for buildings where this property is required: hospitals, banks, airports, meteorological stations, etc.

Mechanical properties at high temperature – tensile and creep – exceeding those of conventional steels, giving improved fire resistance;

A very low thermal conductivity which gives this product exceptional properties for treating thermal bridges.

New ECISS harmonized European standard currently being prepared.
In accordance with European design codes in the construction field, the products of the UGIGRIP® range comply with Eurocode 2 (cf. prEN 1992-1-1 sub-section and Eurocode 3 (cf. prEN 1993-1-4).

Not magnetic

Equivalent material: EN 1.4311, AISI 304LN

UGIGRIP® 4311 general

Property Value
Density Density of 7.9 g/cm³

UGIGRIP® 4311 thermal

Property Value Comment
Coefficient of thermal expansion Coefficient of thermal expansion of 0.000016 1/K 20 to 100°C
Thermal conductivity Thermal conductivity of 15 W/(m·K) -

UGIGRIP® 4311 chemical

Property - -
Application areas
Corrosion properties
DUPLEX Conventional grades AISI/EN
Class XC (carbonation) XC 1.4062 304/4301
XD1and XD2 1.4062 304/4301
XD3 1.4362 316/4401
XS1 1.4362 316/4401
XS2 and XS3 1.4462 -
XF1 and XF2 1.4362 316/4401
XF3 and XF4 1.4462 -
XA1 1.4362 316/4401
X A2 and XA3 1.4462 -

UGIGRIP® 4311 magnetic

Property - -
Iron - Balance

UGIGRIP® 4311 electrical

Property Value Comment
Electrical resistivity Electrical resistivity of 7.3e-05 Ω·m 7.5E-5

UGIGRIP® 4311 mechanical

Property Value Comment
Elastic modulus Elastic modulus of 193 GPa 196.0
Elongation Elongation of 15 % min.
Tensile strength Tensile strength of 575 MPa min.

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