UGICHROM® 4028 introduction

UGICHROM® is the result of combining the high efficiency of micro-fissuring chromium plating with the technology of the most advanced stainless steel bars. The UGICHROM® product range is recommended for hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms.

General properties - choice for performance:

Low friction coefficient.

High resistance to wear.

Increased corrosion resistance.

Micro-fissuring chromium plating guarantees excellent performance under extreme conditions of service.

Improved machinability (up to +20% of productivity).

High mechanical properties.

Accurate geometrical and dimensional properties..

Equivalent material: EN 1.4028, EN X30Cr13, DIN 1.4028, DIN X30Cr13, AISI 420

UGICHROM® 4028 general

Property Value
Tensile strength Tensile strength of 850.0 - 1000.0 MPa

UGICHROM® 4028 thermal

Property - -
Application areas
Corrosion properties
Other CHARACTERISTICS Standard product Special product
Diameter tolerance ISO f7 On request
Bar length dia. 12 to 19 mm 2900 mm +200/-0 On request
Bar length dia. 20 to 125 mm 6000 mm +/- 500 mm On request
Roundness <1/2 f7 ISO -
Straightness (to EN 10278) <0.5 mm/ml Up to 0.2 mm for dia. >30 mm
Roughness Ra < 0.2 µm Up to Ra <0.08 µm
Chromium structure Microcracked -
Sizes Dia. 12 to 125 mm On request
Thickness of the chromium dia. 12 to 19.5 mm 18 µm +/-3 Max. 50 µm
Thickness of the chromium dia. 20 to 115 mm 25 µm +/-5 Max. 100 µm

UGICHROM® 4028 mechanical

Property Value
Carbon Carbon of 0.30000000000000004 %
Chromium Chromium of 13.0 %

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