UGI® 4116N Annealed

UGI® 4116N Annealed introduction

The high carbon and nitrogen content of UGI® 4116N leads to a very attractive corrosion resistance versus hardness properties. It can replace grades 1.4112 / 1.4125 (AISI 440B and 440C) in many applications.

Processing similar to type 1.4034 (AISI 420) stainless steel, therefore much easier than 1.4112 / 1.4125 (AISI 440B and 440C)

Recommended applications: pins, shafts, nozzles, wear resistant parts, etc. as a replacement of 1.4112/1.4125 or AISI 440B / 440C.

Possible mechanical properties after treatment on parts:

The following Table summarizes the mechanical properties at room temperature which may be obtained after heat treatment on parts:

Impact Values KCV

Air Cooled from 1050°C + Tempered 200°C/1h
6.7 J/cm²

Air Cooled from 1050°C + Cryogenic Cooling (-80°C/1h) + Tempering 200°C/1h
2.3 J/cm²

Equivalent material: EN 1.4116, EN X50CrMoV15, DIN 1.4116, DIN X50CrMoV15, AFNOR 1.4116, SEW 1.4110

UGI® 4116N Annealed general

Property Value
Density Density of 7.7 g/cm³

UGI® 4116N Annealed thermal

Property Value Comment
Coefficient of thermal expansion Coefficient of thermal expansion of 0.0000112 1/K 20 to 300°C
Thermal conductivity Thermal conductivity of 30 W/(m·K) -

UGI® 4116N Annealed chemical

Property - -
Application areas
Corrosion properties Environment Behavior
Nitric Acid Medium
Phosphoric Acid Not recommended
Sulfuric Acid Not recommended
Acetic Acid Not recommended
Soda Medium
NaCl (Salt Fog) Not recommended
Humidity Excellent
Seawater Not recommended

UGI® 4116N Annealed magnetic

Property Value Comment
Carbon Carbon of 0.48 - 0.55 % -
Chromium Chromium of 14.0 - 15.0 % -
Manganese Manganese of 1.0 max.
Molybdenum Molybdenum of 0.8 % -
Nitrogen Nitrogen of 0.05 - 0.15 % -
Phosphorus Phosphorus of 0.04 max.
Silicon Silicon of 1.0 max.
Sulfur Sulfur of 0.015 max.
Vanadium Vanadium of 0.1 - 0.15 % -

UGI® 4116N Annealed electrical

Property Value
Electrical resistivity Electrical resistivity of 6.5e-07 Ω·m

UGI® 4116N Annealed mechanical

Property Value
Elastic modulus Elastic modulus of 215 GPa
Hardness, Vickers Hardness, Vickers of 210.0

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