Our team has rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and has a deep professional background in the field of steel trading. We can provide customized solutions for various steel materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc., and provide professional consultation and advice.

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We have advanced steel processing equipment and facilities, and have the ability to customize, and can process and produce according to the specific needs of customers. Whether it is cutting, bending, welding or drilling processes, we can provide individual solutions to meet customer requirements.

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Equivalent material: EN 1.4835, DIN X9CrNiSiN Ce 21 11 2, UNS S30815, SS 2368, AISI 253MA

Equivalent material: EN 1.4762, DIN X10CrAl24, UNS S44600, SS 2322, AISI 446

Equivalent material: EN 1.4547, DIN X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7, UNS S31254, AISI 254SMO

Equivalent material: EN 1.4539, DIN X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5, UNS N08904, SS 2562, AISI 904L

Equivalent material: EN 1.4532, DIN X8CrNiMoAl15-72, UNS S15700, AISI 632(15-7PH)

Equivalent material: EN 1.4568, DIN X7CrNiAl17-7, UNS S17700, SS 2388, AISI 631(17-7PH)

Equivalent material: EN 1.4016, DIN X6Cr17, UNS S43000, SS 2320, AISI 430

Equivalent material: EN 1.4005, DIN X12CrS13, UNS S41600, SS 2380, AISI 416

Equivalent material: EN 1.4001, DIN X7Cr14, UNS S41008, SS 2301, AISI 410S

Equivalent material: EN 1.4006, DIN X12Cr13, UNS S41000, SS 2302, AISI 410

Equivalent material: EN 1.4550, DIN X6CrNiNb18-10, UNS S34700, SS 2338, AISI 347

Equivalent material: EN 1.4460, DIN X3CrNiMoN27-5-2, UNS S31200, SS 2324, AISI 329

Equivalent material: EN 1.4406, DIN X2CrNiMoN17-12-2, UNS S31653, AISI 316LN

Equivalent material: DIN 1.4568, DIN X 7 CrNiAl 17 7, AFNOR Z9CNA17-07, AISI 631, AISI 631 (17-7PH), SAE 631, SAE 631 (17-7PH), JIS SUS631, JIS SUS631-CSP, EN X7CrNiAl17-7

Equivalent material: DIN 1.6902, DIN GX6CrNi18-10, EN GX6CrNi18-10, EN 1.6902, DIN 1.4315, BS 304S65, AISI 304N, SAE 304N, JIS SUS304N1, JIS SCS13A

Equivalent material: DIN 1.4542, DIN X5CrNiCuNb16-4, DIN X5CrNiCuNb17-4, AFNOR Z7CNU15-05, AFNOR Z7CNU17-04, BS X5CrNiCuNb16-4, AISI 630, AISI 17-4PH, AISI 630 (17-4PH), SAE 630

Equivalent material: GB/T 0Cr17Ni7Al, GB 0Cr17Ni7Al, GOST 09Х17Н7Ю1, GOST 09H17N7Yu1, DIN X7CrNiAl177, NF Z8CNA17-07, NF Z9CNA17-07, BS 301S81, EN X7CrNiAl17-7, SIS 2388

Equivalent material: NF Z70CD14, AMS 5631, AMS 5632, AMS 7445, ASTM 440A, ASTM MT440A, MIL 440A, AISI 440A, DIN 1.4040, EN 1.4040

Equivalent material: DIN 1.4478, DIN X2NiCrMoN25-21-7, JIS SUS836LTP, EN X2NiCrMoN25-21-7, EN 1.4478, ISO X2NiCrMoN25-21-7


Our comprehensive product range encompasses various types of steel, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and more. Whether you require raw materials, semi-finished products, or finished goods, we have you covered. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in finding the ideal steel products for your projects.

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