SAE 1006 HILUMIN® Ultra-clean nickel-plated

SAE 1006 HILUMIN® Ultra-clean nickel-plated introduction

Tata Steel’s HILUMIN® is an electrolytically nickel-plated,
diffusion-annealed cold-rolled steel strip. Manufactured
using an ultra-clean steel grade, it plays an integral part
in the production of batteries.

HILUMIN® offers outstanding performance features.
The consistent and reliable quality of this product also
ensures trouble-free processing in high-volume,
high-speed operations.

We have optimized HILUMIN® for the production of high-quality alkaline,
lithium and rechargeable batteries. Diffusion annealing ensures an
inseparable bond between the nickel layer and steel substrate.
It also provides improved corrosion resistance and contact resistance.
Tight process control ensures optimal consistency of the electroplated
layer thickness.

Used by the world’s leading battery producers, HILUMIN® delivers
significant benefits for processing operations. Tight dimensional tolerances
and reliable mechanical properties make HILUMIN® ideal for high-speed,
high-volume stamping and deep-drawing applications. Available as a
batch-annealed or continuously-annealed product, HILUMIN® also
offers good welding and brazing properties.

For added benefits, we can tailor HILUMIN® products to meet your
exact processing and end-product requirements.

Main benefits of HILUMIN® include:
end-products of consistent and reliable quality

optimized battery performance

trouble-free, repeatable processing

minimized waste

extended tool life

control of substrate and base metal properties

Equivalent material: EN DC01

SAE 1006 HILUMIN® Ultra-clean nickel-plated general

Property Value Comment
Carbon Carbon of 0.08 % max.
Manganese Manganese of 0.25 - 0.4 % -
Phosphorus Phosphorus of 0.04 % max.
Sulfur Sulfur of 0.05 % max.

SAE 1006 HILUMIN® Ultra-clean nickel-plated mechanical

Property - -
Application areas
KR 0 / Appliance Finish Ra: ≤ 0.10 μm (exceptionally smooth mirror finish)
KR 0.5 Ra: ≤ 0.20 μm (very smooth bright finish)
KR 4 / #2 Finish Ra: 0.15 - 0.45 μm (smooth finish)
KR 7 / #1 Finish Ra: 0.6 - 1.8 μm (rough finish)
KR 8 / #1 Finish Ra: 1.0 - 2.5 μm (rough matt finish)

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