JIS G3127 Grade SL9N520

Equivalent material: EN X8Ni9, DIN X8Ni9, NF 9Ni-490, NF 9Ni-585, BS 510, BS 509-650, BS 509-690, UNI X12Ni09, UNI X10Ni9KG, UNI X10Ni9KT, ÖNORM X8Ni9KK, UNE X8Ni09, ASTM II, JIS SL9N590, BS 509, ASTM 8, ASTM K81340, ASTM I, DIN 1.5662, AFNOR X8Ni9, BS 1501.509, BS 50, BS X8Ni9, UNI X10Ni9, UNE XBNi09, JIS SL9N53, JIS STBL690, JIS STPL690, EN X10Ni9, EN 1.5662, ISO X8Ni9, ISO X9Ni9, ISO X10Ni9, ASTM A844

JIS G3127 Grade SL9N520 general

Property Temperature Value Comment
Density 23.0 °C Density of 8.8 g/cm³ Typical for Nickel Steel

JIS G3127 Grade SL9N520 thermal

Property Temperature Value Comment
Melting point - Melting point of 1316 - 1595 °C Typical for Nickel Steel
Specific heat capacity 23.0 °C Specific heat capacity of 456 J/(kg·K) Typical for Nickel Steel
Thermal conductivity 23.0 °C Thermal conductivity of 10 - 50 W/(m·K) Typical for Nickel Steel

JIS G3127 Grade SL9N520 mechanical

Property Temperature Value Comment
Elastic modulus 23.0 °C Elastic modulus of 200 - 215 GPa Typical for Nickel Steel
Elongation A5 23.0 °C Elongation A5 of 21 - 25 % -
Poisson's ratio 23.0 °C Poisson's ratio of 0.29 [-] Typical for Nickel Steel
Shear modulus 23.0 °C Shear modulus of 76 GPa Typical for Nickel Steel
Tensile strength 23.0 °C Tensile strength of 690 - 830 MPa -
Yield strength 23.0 °C Yield strength of 520 MPa -

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