JIS G3124 Grade SEV245

Equivalent material: GB 15, GB Q235A-Z, GB Q235B-Z, GB H15A, GB ZG200-400(ZG15), GB B3, GB B3F, GB C3, GB C3F, GOST Ст3сп, GOST 15, GOST 18кп, GOST St3kp, GOST St3sp, GOST VSt3sp, GOST БСт3сп, GOST ВСт3сп, GOST BSt3sp, GOST 18kp, GOST VMSt3, AS S1015, EN P235GH, DIN St37-3G, DIN St37-3, DIN StE500, DIN WStE500, DIN St37-3N, NF XC18, NF AF37C12, NF XC15, NF E500T-IR, NF E500T-IFP, NF E24-3, NF E24-4, NF E500T-IIR, NF E500T-IIFP, NF A37CP, NF A37AP, BS 141-360, BS 151-360, BS 154-360, BS 161-360, BS 164-360, BS 17HS, BS 17CS, BS 080A15, BS 080M15, UNI C16, UNI C15, UNI Fe360CFN, UNI Fe360C, UNI Fe360D, UNI 1C15, ÖNORM RC15, ÖNORM St35KW, EN S235J2G3, UNE C16K, UNE C15K, UNE A37 Gr.RCI, UNE A37 Gr.RAII, UNE F.111, SIS 1370-00, SIS 1370-03, SIS 1370-04, SIS 1313, ASTM A, ASTM B, ASTM C-1, ASTM E, ASTM C-2, ASTM 1017, ASTM M1017, MIL 1017, MIL CS1017, JIS SM570, JIS SPV450, JIS SPV490, JIS S15C, JIS S15CK, AISI 1017, AISI M1017, SAE 1017, GB/T Q235B, GB/T Q235A, GB/T Q500D, BS 50F, ASTM C, ASTM 58 [400], GB Q235A-F, GB Q235B-F, GB Q235A-b, GOST Ст3кп, GOST 16K, GOST 20K, GOST VSt3kp, GOST БСт3кп, GOST ВСт3кп, EN P265GH, DIN USt37-2G, DIN USt37-2, NF A42CP, BS 151-400, BS 154-400, BS 161-400, BS 164-400, UNI Fe360BFU, UNI Fe410KG, UNI Fe410KT, UNI Fe410KW, ÖNORM St41KW, EN S235JRG1, UNE A42 Gr.RCI, UNE A42 Gr.RCII, SIS 1311, ASTM 60 [415], JIS SPV315, JIS SPV355, JIS SG295, GB Q235, DIN St44-3G, DIN St44-3, NF E28-3, NF E28-4, UNI Fe430DFF, UNI FeE315KG, UNI FeE315KW, UNI Fe430C, UNI Fe430D, ÖNORM St42F, EN S275J2G3, UNE F.115, UNE AE Gr.315KG, UNE AE Gr.315KW, UNE AE Gr.315KT, SIS 1414, ASTM 50, ASTM 55, ASTM 25, ASTM 30, ASTM 33, ASTM 36, JIS SLA325A, JIS SLA325B, JIS SM490A, JIS SM490B, JIS SM490C, JIS SM490YA, GOST 15GF, GOST 15ГФ, GOST 14Г2АФД, AS 7-490R, AS 7-490N, AS 7-490T, AS 7-490A, EN P355GH, EN P355N, EN P355NH, EN P355NL1, DIN 19Mn5, NF E335FP, NF E335R, NF A52CP, NF A52AP, BS 224-460, BS 224-490, BS 50E, BS 50EE, BS 55EE, UNI FeE355KG, UNI FeE355KW, UNI FeE355KT, ÖNORM 19Mn6KW, UNE AE Gr.355KG, UNE AE Gr.355KW, UNE AE Gr.355KT, UNE A52 Gr.RCI, UNE A52 Gr.RAII, SIS 2101, SIS 2102, ASTM 70 [485], JIS SLA360, ASTM 100 [690]-C, ASTM 100W [690W]-C, ASTM F, ASTM 100 [690]-F, ASTM 100W [690W]-F, ASTM J, ASTM 100 [690]-J, ASTM 100W [690W]-J, ASTM 100 [690]-B, ASTM 100W [690W]-B, ASTM H, ASTM 100 [690]-H, ASTM 100W [690W]-H, ASTM M, ASTM 100 [690]-M, ASTM 100W [690W]-M, ASTM 100 [690]-A, ASTM 100W [690W]-A, GB 15MnVNR, GB 18MnMoNbR, GB/T Q460C, GOST 18G2AF, GOST 18Г2АФ, EN P460N, EN P460NH, EN P460NL1, DIN StE460, DIN WStE460, NF E460-IR, NF E460-IFP, NF E460-IIR, NF E460-IIFP, NF E460T-IR, NF E460T-IFP, NF E460T-IIR, NF E460T-IIFP, UNI FeE460KG, UNI FeE460KW, UNI FeE460KT, UNE AE Gr.460KG, UNE AE Gr.460KW, UNE AE Gr.460KT, ASTM K02900, JIS SM520B, JIS SM520C, ASTM 100 [690]-E, ASTM 100W [690W]-E, ASTM P, ASTM 100 [690]-P, ASTM 100W [690W]-P, DIN HI, SIS 1330, DIN St37-2G, DIN St37-2, NF E24-2, BS 37/23HR, BS 37/23HS, BS 37/23CR, BS 37/23CS, UNI Fe360B, ÖNORM St37F, EN S235JR, JIS STKM12C, EN P310NB, EN P275N, EN P275NH, EN P275NL1, DIN StE285, DIN WStE285, DIN ASt41, DIN HII, NF A42AP, BS 43DD, BS 43E, BS 224-410, UNI FeE285KG, UNI FeE285KW, UNI FeE285KT, UNE AE Gr.285KG, UNE AE Gr.285KW, UNE AE Gr.285KT, UNE A42 Gr.RBII, SIS 1430, SIS 1432, JIS SM400A, JIS SM400B, JIS SM400C, EN S460NH, GB Q215B-b, GB Q215B-F, GB Q215B-Z, GB Q235B-b, GOST Ст2пс, GOST Ст2сп, GOST Ст3пс, GOST H12MF, GOST St3ps, GOST St2ps, GOST St2sp, GOST VSt2ps, GOST VSt2sp, GOST VSt3ps, GOST БСт2пс, GOST БСт2сп, GOST БСт3пс, GOST ВСт2пс, GOST ВСт2сп, GOST ВСт3пс, GOST BSt2ps, GOST BSt2sp, GOST BSt3ps, DIN RSt37-2, DIN RSt34-2, BS 34/20HR, BS 34/20HS, BS 34/20CR, BS 20CR, BS 34/20CS, UNI Fe330BFN, UNI Fe360BFN, EN S235JRG2, SIS 1312-00, SIS 1312-01, SIS 1312-04, SIS 1312-06, SIS 1312-07, SIS 1312, ASTM 36-1, ASTM 40, ASTM 45, ASTM 36-2, DIN 1.8937, DIN WStE 500, DIN P500NH, JIS SEV25, EN 1.8937

JIS G3124 Grade SEV245 general

Property Temperature Value Comment
Density 23.0 °C Density of 7.8 g/cm³ Typical for Steel

JIS G3124 Grade SEV245 mechanical

Property Temperature Value Comment
Elastic modulus 23.0 °C Elastic modulus of 190 - 210 GPa Typical for Steel
Elongation A5 23.0 °C Elongation A5 of 16 - 20 % -
Impact strength, Charpy notched 0.0 °C Impact strength, Charpy notched of 25 kJ/m² -
Poisson's ratio 23.0 °C Poisson's ratio of 0.3 [-] Typical for Steel
Tensile strength 23.0 °C Tensile strength of 490 - 650 MPa -
Yield strength 23.0 °C Yield strength of 335 - 370 MPa -

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