JIS G3103 Grade SB450M

Equivalent material: GB 20MoG, DIN GS-22Mo4, BS 243-430, UNI G20Mo5, UNI G22Mo5, UNI 16Mo5, UNI 16Mo5KG, UNI 16Mo5KW, ÖNORM GS-22Mo4, EN G20Mo5, UNE 16Mo5, UNE TU.D, ASTM 4419, ASTM 4422, JIS SB480M, JIS SCPH11, AISI 4419, AISI 4422, ASTM 4520, AISI 4520, ASTM 4419H, AISI 4419H, ASTM P1, ASTM FP1, ASTM T1, JIS STBA12, GB 15MoG, EN 16Mo3, DIN 15Mo3, NF 15D3, UNI 16Mo3KG, UNI 16Mo3KW, ÖNORM 15Mo3KW, UNE 16Mo3, SIS 2912-01, SIS 2912-05, SIS 2912, ASTM A, ASTM B, ASTM T1a, JIS STBA13, ASTM C, ASTM WP1, DIN 1.5423, DIN 16Mo5, BS 1503-245-420, SAE 4520, JIS SB480, JIS SB49M, EN 1.5423, ASTM Grade T1, ASTM Grade F1

JIS G3103 Grade SB450M general

Property Temperature Value Comment
Density 23.0 °C Density of 7.8 - 7.9 g/cm³ Typical for Molybdenum Steel

JIS G3103 Grade SB450M thermal

Property Temperature Value Comment
Coefficient of thermal expansion 23.0 °C Coefficient of thermal expansion of 1.29E-5 1/K Typical for Molybdenum Steel
Melting point - Melting point of 1382 - 1529 °C Typical for Molybdenum Steel
Specific heat capacity 23.0 °C Specific heat capacity of 456 J/(kg·K) Typical for Molybdenum Steel
Thermal conductivity 23.0 °C Thermal conductivity of 37 - 48 W/(m·K) Typical for Molybdenum Steel

JIS G3103 Grade SB450M mechanical

Property Temperature Value Comment
Elastic modulus 23.0 °C Elastic modulus of 200 - 215 GPa Typical for Molybdenum Steel
Elongation A5 23.0 °C Elongation A5 of 19 - 23 % -
Poisson's ratio 23.0 °C Poisson's ratio of 0.29 [-] Typical for Molybdenum Steel
Tensile strength 23.0 °C Tensile strength of 450 - 590 MPa -
Yield strength 23.0 °C Yield strength of 255 MPa -

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