EN DC07 introduction

EN DC07 is a cold rolled non-alloyed mild steel grades with guaranteed maximum yield and tensile strength, guaranteed minimum ductility (elongation at fracture) and good formability (n and r values). These grades comply with the requirements of the EN 10130:2006 standard and are obtained after either batch or continuous annealing. This steel grade has excellent formability, which facilitates cold forming operations, and are ideal for deep drawing. This steel for cold forming also offer excellent forming performance, due to the low scattering of their chemical composition and their mechanical properties, which guarantees processing consistency.

Equivalent material: EN 1.0898

EN DC07 general

Property Value Comment
Mean Roughness Mean Roughness of 0.6 - 1.9 μm wide range of roughness levels according to the EN 10130 standard can be supplied upon request.

EN DC07 thermal

Property Value Comment
Elongation Elongation of 42 % min. | for thickness 0.5-0.7 mm | Transverse | A80
- Elongation of 44 % min. | for thickness 0.7-3 mm | Transverse | A80
Plastic strain ratio Plastic strain ratio of 2.3 [-] min. | 90ᵒ Transverse | for thickness 2-3 mm
- Plastic strain ratio of 2.5 [-] min. | 90ᵒ Transverse | for thickness 0.5-2 mm
Strain hardening exponent Strain hardening exponent of 0.23 [-] min. | 90ᵒ Transverse | for thickness 0.5-3 mm
Tensile strength Tensile strength of 250 - 310 MPa for thickness 0.5-3 mm | Transverse
Yield strength Yield strength of 100 - 170 MPa for thickness 0.5-0.7 mm | Transverse
- Yield strength of 100 - 150 MPa for thickness 0.7-3 mm | Transverse

EN DC07 magnetic

Property - -
Application areas
Surface condition

EN DC07 electrical

Property Value Comment
Carbon Carbon of 0.01 % max.
Manganese Manganese of 0.2 % max.
Phosphorus Phosphorus of 0.02 % max.
Sulfur Sulfur of 0.02 % max.
Titanium Titanium of 0.2 % max.

EN DC07 mechanical

Property Value
Dimensions Please feel free to check the figure on the right side of the material page for more details.

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